Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Stash!

Yesterday the fabric store was on my list.  Fabricland had a big sale.  It seems they always have a big sale but apparently this one was even bigger.  I needed batting so that worked out just fine and then I happened to cruise by the bargain wall, because you just never know.  The bargain wall was half price.  Totally awesome.  I found this Michael Miller stuff called Tiled Garden by Paula Prass so that was a grand sum of $2 a metre.  I took everything on the bolt because it speaks quilt backing to me.  I now have over 7 metres of it.  He he he! The sunflowers are also a Michael Miller if I remember correctly and I just asked for 2 metres of that just because and it was only $1.50 a metre.  What a deal!!!!!!  So there.

And I also added a new pressure foot for my built in walking foot.  The chubby toed foot on the right came with my machine but when I went for my sewing machine lesson, I realized that you can buy optional feet for your when you want to go walking!  How cool?!  I bought the open toed foot because I think I like seeing what I am doing more.

Have you added to your stash?  It is fair to say that I love fabric.  Have a lovely rest of your day!!!

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  1. $2 and $1.50 a meter - that is obscene! Oh my goodness i am so jealous!