Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along: Week 38

Block #94 Tall Pine Tree and Block # 49 Honeycomb

Block # 47 Homemaker

Playing together
I actually made 4 blocks this week but I didn't get a picture of the last one made.  I was mad at Homemaker so I made the other two.  Then I thought what the heck, Homemaker will do and then I made another block as well.  I feel that I am so close that I need to put a push on it to just get done.  We will see how that goes!

I seem to have a growing pile of quilts to be quilted and I really must get on that!  I did finish my Modern Mini Quilt for that challenge.  Soon to unveiled!  I am totally pleased with it.  

Have a super day!  It was lovely and sunny at school today and they children were rolling around like puppies!  Tomorrow I am teaching a bunch of girls to knit at lunch time!  Wish me luck!!!!


  1. more lovely blocks - I think you should push to the end too -I want to see it completed - and quilted!!!

  2. Totally know what you mean about being mad at the Homemaker block! It was one of the hardest ones, but yours is really pretty.

  3. such great color combinations.
    you are always so busy creatin.

  4. Your blocks look great! Your honeycomb turned out much better than mine!!!

  5. Looking good. you made a lots of blocks. Keep up the good work!