Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Stash and a Rainfall Warning

We have been under a rainfall warning for the last few days and boy, has it rained!  The creeks are full and there are creeks where there didn't used to be creeks.  Our pond is over it's banks and the creek in the big woods is roaring.  But that didn't stop me from heading out to Hamel's to take advantage of the sale this weekend.  My excuse was that I needed some Kona White.  I found some fabulous text fabric.  From the top on the left...

1) Stof Quilter's Basics Style #4513 in white  (this comes in a variety of colours just so you know... I finished up the end of the bolt on this one but I think Hamel's typically stocks these fabrics)
2) Basic Grey Basics for Moda.... it is a lovely gold with a sheen and it has all sorts of math on it!  LOVE IT!!!!!
3) Perch by Timeless Treasures  ... how cool is this?
4) Word Play by Michele D'Amore for Benartex  (didn't have this one and this line is getting harder to find.. it was also pretty cheap... just saying)

So that was fun.  And I was sewing away this afternoon and it was rainy and stormy and windy.  And the power went out.  Man!  That bugs me.  Lights are on again but I lost some quality sewing time.  The skies still look like we need to build an ark.

Hamel's has their sale all weekend, online too.  Happy sewing!


  1. How's the Kona selection at Hamel? I was just at a quilt shop in Parksville today, SUPER cute shop, but I asked about their solids and she said "well, we don't really have very many". I didn't see ANY as I browsed around. Ugh. I'll be in Chilliwack on Spring Break and have wanted to go to Hamel's for a browse. Maybe I'll convince my mom to go. :)

  2. picked up some great text fabrics, those are awesome..

  3. Love your text fabrics. I'm just "down the road" from you in Lynden, WA. It was an absolute monsoon here today. No power outage though. I was rearranging fabric in my quilt room all day.

  4. Thanks for the tip on the sale! I am always amazed by how much you accomplish. You go girl!!

  5. Very nice fabrics! We live in an area where as soon as storms hit, the power goes out, too. Very inappropriate for when you are trying to sew!

  6. ooooo - dangerous knowledge... I now know where another quilt shop is! Hamels sounds FABULOUS! I go to visit my sister in Washington frequently - so I guess I just HAVE to schedule in a visit @ Hamels! Thanx for the heads up!

  7. I went to Hamels Friday after school to find some text fabrics. I missed the Perch one which is too bad as I really like that one, but I got some of the wordplay to send for the text charm swap. I also found some lovely Oh Deer fabric with birds and dots and made some fresh cushion covers. I really need to get to Hamels more often, especially on the sale days.