Saturday, March 9, 2013

What about an apron?

1. apron for my mommy, 2. Urban Home Swap - Apron, 3. Vintage Tablecloth Apron, 4. Aprons for Cwe raft Hope, 5. vintage thrifted apron, 6. Etsy apron

I was invited to join an apron swap on Flickr.  It is the Crafty Cooks Apron and Recipe Swap.  There is still room in the group, people.  I do like swaps!  What you have to do is make an apron for a partner and send it off with a great recipe.  That's it.  You do have to post a mosaic of aprons you like so your partner knows your style.  I am not a big apron wearer but these are definitely aprons I like.  Do you notice a lot of purple.  Hmm.  Yep, I do like purple.  And vintage.  These are all apron photos I found on flickr.  I have not made an apron for eons.  I cannot wait to get started.  I have all sorts of ideas already burbling.

On another topic... it was a glorious sunny day and Husband actually mowed the lawns for the first time.  Not the whole thing but the grass around the house.  The field will have to wait as there are areas that are still under water.  Apparently due to our mild winter, we are about 2 or more weeks ahead of where we would normally be in terms of the growing season.  The annual golf ball harvest has also begun.  We live across from a golf course. We keep a big bucket on the back porch for them and we fill the bucket up each year.  I would rather it be something more interesting like packs of rotary cutter blades or spools of thread but alas it is golf balls.


  1. Have fun with your apron making!
    I started wearing (and sewing them ) aprons a couple of years ago, and now wear one all the time in the kitchen....over blue jeans and all!

  2. What a fun swap idea. It is very tempting :)

  3. I like the first one! I love purple too from my Donny Osmond day (he wore purple socks)!