Monday, July 1, 2013

Just one slab... Happy Canada Day!

Just one slab is the brainchild of Cheryl Arkison, co-author of Sunday Morning Quilts.  Cheryl lives in Calgary and had the idea that all of us quilty people could sew some slab blocks. The blocks could then be made into quilts for those impacted by the TERRIBLE flooding that Albertans have experienced in the last few weeks.  It is pretty bad.  Cheryl has some pictures of the aftermath on her blog Dining Room Empire.  Many people will be out of the homes for months and many homes have been completely destroyed.  A quilt can give comfort to those displaced.  A quilt will let them know that we are thinking about them.  I cannot imagine.  I know that stuff is just stuff but your home is your sanctuary.  Sigh.  So on this July 1, 2013, on Canada Day, I made slab blocks.

MMM.  That was fun.  The pink one was my first one.  Then I got the hang of it.  Made the yellow one and decided that two was not enough.  I made a green and a blue one too.

Just one slab became four.  It felt good.  Maybe you can make some too?


  1. Love your slab blocks! I got addicted too, so I made 6.

  2. I've been making slab blocks all afternoon too - while listening to CBC radio - how Canadian is that? ;)

  3. I get a day or two later this week to sew, so will make a couple ; )
    Your are very pretty

  4. Beautiful! Do they need to be certain colors or does anything go?

  5. thanks for sharing "just one slab", i was just yesterday wondering if anyone had organized something for Southern Alberta. i'm on my way now to her website to get the info and get busy. I'm absolutely shocked by the devestation, especially High River.

  6. They are lovely Cathy. Pretty colours. Such a devastating disaster for yor country. It hasn't had much coverage on our news in Australia of course (our tv news is very magazine style, half sport and weather, crappy) but I have kept up with the updates on my Canadian friends blogs. As my Canadian cousin says Happy Canuck Day!