Monday, July 22, 2013

Perfect Circles!

On Saturday, I took Cheryl Arkison's Perfect Circle class.  It was jointly organized by my guild, the Fraser valley Modern Quilt Guild and the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.  I packed up Daisy Marie and a whole bunch of fabric because I just could not decide and drove over the bridge for a day of quilty fun.

It was just great!  I learned that circles are not scary. And that a featherweight can do just about anything well.  I was a little worried when I saw everyone else had brought more sophisticated machines but I just straight stitched when it came to applique techniques and it looks neat and tidy.

This circle is of centre on purpose just so you know and is a freezer paper circle applique.  Perfect!

This circle is a little off centre, not on purpose, oops and is inset!  Yay!  No puckers!!!  This worked like stink!

And then on the top, quarter circles.  We learned to make our own freezer paper templates as well so we can make quarter circles any size.  After cutting them out, I was convinced I had totally messed up but it worked like a "hot damn!"  Oh man!  I was totally impressed with how easy that was.  So there, perfect circles!  Cheryl has a perfect Circles Crafsy class, just so you know.

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  1. Wow, those really are perfect! I try to stay away from circles (especially curved piecing) because it looks so difficult. Maybe I'm going to check out that Craftsy class. Thanks for the info! :-)

  2. I was making quarter circles yesterday with a circle-cutting template. And I have an envelope of charm squares for you I'll be putting in the mail. there's some doubles as well.

  3. I did one an inset circle for the first time earlier this year for Pillow Talk Swap. I was so nervous about it, but I found some great tips online (like make the cut out smaller...) and it went pretty good too. Did you prefer the applique method or inset?