Friday, September 19, 2014

Fabric enabler warning...

My buddy Cynthia designs fabric for Robert Kaufman.  This is her new line called Sewing Studio.  I just love it.  I ordered it from Hawthorne Threads and I am sure we will see it popping up at other online shops.  It is awesome.  Cynthia is just super with text and I love the sewing machines.  Check it out.  Lindsay from Hawthorne Threads has added some of the line to her Lindsay's picks.  Just saying.  She has taste!

More fabric news.  Sew Sisters, a sponsor of mine, is having a Kona sale.  Oh yes they are.  Starting September 24 to 30.  $6.99 a metre. Sew Sisters also has lots of new great stuff in their clearance section.  Check it out.  You will thank me.  Happy Shopping!

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  1. Woohoo! Thank you for the shout out! How cool that it's in Lindsay's picks too, awesome!
    And ooooh Kona on sale you say, hmmmmmmm ;D