Monday, September 15, 2014

What do you think?

Last Thursday evening, the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild celebrated our fourth year anniversary.  We had a heck of a good time.  We had a mini iron quilter competition with teams of quilters producing an 18" by 18" mini quilt on featherweight in an hour.  That is the bedazzled iron quilter trophy made the fabulous Cynthia.  It is a thing of beauty!  of course as we were sewing, the evil doers,  the organizers, threw us curveballs, like now you have to add in some ugly fabric, now you have to quilt it and finally, bind it!  I have to say that my team won!

And here we are...  that is me on the left with Marg, Colleen and Charlene.

I was just a little bit excited!  That is all featherweight, quick and dirty quilting by the way!  We had to have at least 20 pieces of fabric in our mini.  

 The quilt guild got together to make thank you quilts for Cynthia and Lysa who founded the guild four years ago after they had a bright idea.  It was a super bright idea.  We are a fantastic bunch of happy, creative women who absolutely love getting together to talk quilting, fabric and fun.  It is such a positive and supportive group.  I am so tickled to be a part of it all!  Anyway, I digress.  We decided to make Cynthia and Lysa quilts to say thank you.  And we were super sneaky and pulled it off without them knowing a thing!  We even had a super secret sew in.  Then Bonnie and I quilted them and I got to present them at the meeting.  They were suprised!  Aren't they lovely?  The quilts are too!

Darlene says this is the money shot.  That's me giving our Lysa a big hug.

You rock, ladies!


  1. Super fun Cathy! Lovely quilts and oh that trophy! I think I have met the lady on the left. I think she's been into our shoppe?

  2. You guys! Sooo awesome, I am just thrilled, and in awe! I love my quilt, it's so full of love and care- made by my fave peeps, who could ask for more!! Thank you so much again!! Our guild is the best! :D

  3. No you rock Cathy! Hee, hee! It's been an amazing 4 years with meeting so many amazing people. These quilts just prove it!