Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall is coming

First of all.  Sunflowers.  What a fabulous thing.  Husband always plants sunflowers.  We have them grow along the wood shed and they feed all sorts of chickadees and other critters.  This year the seeds did not exactly work as promised as we usually plant Giant Russians and that is what the seed packet promised but this year we got giant sunflowers but branching ones without the giant flowers.  But man,  they are tall.  This one is over 11 feet.  Seriously.

Let's talk about fabric.  I have been crushing on the latest Eclectic Elements  by Tim Holtz and when my quilt guild buddy, Cathy, who owns Steam Trunk Craft Works, spread the word that she had them in stock, I was on it.  The fabric arrived super fast and was all wrapped up and lovely with the sweet little charm added.  So fun! Love the clock faces.  Fabric happy!

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  1. Very nice Cathy. Sunflowers are amazing. I'll be watching to see what those fabrics become : )