Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I made this the other day...

I made this the other day.  I made it to try out a theory.  I am pleased to say that it worked.  Can you see it?  Yep.  It is a zippered covered journal.  Squeal!  This, for some reason, gives me great joy.  I will say that the zipper I used is not a favourite.  I had a vision of a fantastic metal zipper but do you know how hard it is to find a long metal zipper that does not look like it is made for a logger's winter coat?  I think, however, that I have solved this problem and I will be trying out more versions of zippered covered journals very soon.

Oh my goodness!  Look at that zipper!  So awesome!  I used a duvet zipper and just cut it to the right length.  I wanted to show you that the journal does open all the way too!  Success!

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  1. Love it~! Did you do a tutorial and I missed it, or WILL you do a tutorial on this awesome cover?

  2. Oh please a toot on this zipper cover, my sister would love for me to make her one. Thanks

  3. What a great idea, and it looks awesome all done!

  4. Well done! That's a really interesting project and I like it very much. Hmm ... a tutorial would be nice!