Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wonky Wonky Little Star Table Runner Tutorial

Wonky Wonky
Little Star Table Runner


fabric:  approx. 1/3 of yard cut into
32-4” squares (feel free to use low volume, scrappy white… as long as you have
32 4” squares)

fabric:  Assorted Christmas prints…. This
is just a guide based on the sample.
Feel free to use more prints for more variety.  A full star will require 5-4” squares. This
is a great way to use up Christmas fabric scraps.

Management Tip:  I keep all my Christmas
scraps in one bin. Makes them so much easier to find.

Print A:  10-4” squares
Print B:  9-4” squares
Print C:  9-4” squares
Print D:  6-4” squares
Print E:  6-4” squares

Batting and
Backing:  16” by 40”  (feel free to piece your back and the Batting
will be used as your design wall for this project as well as your batting)

fabric:  about ¼ yard (approx.. 120” of
binding at 2.5” ) You can always make it scrappy.

Please read the instructions all the way through just to make sure you know what you are up to!  You do not sew any of your squares together until your entire table runner is laid out and you are happy with the colour placement.  

Hint!  Use the picture of the completed table runner to help you with your layout.

Wonky Scrappy Little Star Tutorial... because this is just so much

Step One:  Wonky Star preparation

Cut your scraps into 4”squares.  

Cut your background fabric into 4” squares as well. 

For every star you will need  5 of the print squares. 
Leave one square whole and cut 4 of the matching squares on the diagonal
yielding 8 triangles.

Step 2:  Wonky Star construction

Take one background square and place one triangle in the most
wonky way possible as in the above photos.  My wonky may be different from
your wonky and that is just fine.  Let your inner wonky shine!

Stitch with a quarter inch seam.  You can do it!!

Trim your little leftover corner.  I use scissors because I "trim as I go" right at the

Finger press the wonky little star point.  

Then place your next point in true wonky fashion.  Then

Trim the corners here as well.  Make all 4 of your wonky star
points in the same manner but let each be their own wonky individual
self.  The point is that the points do not have to be matching. 

Time to press!  I press the first one and then pile the next
on top, lining up the corners and pressing in a pile until I have all four of
the points in a neat and tidy pressed pile.  You might like to be more
quilt professional and less quilt lazy but I like to get this part done as
quickly as possible. 

*Take your neat and tidy, pressed pile to the cutting mat and trim
all 4 of the point blocks into perfect 4” squares again.  Discard your

Step 3:  Take your four star
point squares and your matching print square and place your newly completed
wonky star into the mix.  Note how the stars are all imbedded or

Hint:  This is one project where you need to build your project as you go.
It is best to start in the middle of the design wall and build outwards.
You will notice as you build the  layout that you also get a cool little
pinwheel thing happening between the stars with your background fabric.
How excellent!

*You will fill in the spots with the leftover star points to
complete the 4 by 10 layout as in the picture above. 

*Once you are happy with the layout and have checked for colour
placement and proximity, start sewing your squares together by rows.

*Once all the rows are completed, then sew the rows
together.  Pin at each seam so your seams match up carefully.  Again,
always check to makes sure your stars are lined up nicely. 
Sandwich, quilt, bind and enjoy

 Options:  You can make your squares different sizes.
I made both a pillow and runner with 2.5" squares.  And a quilt with 4” squares.


  1. Love your runner! Great tutorial, thanks!

  2. Love the runner, how wonky is that!

  3. Beautiful runner.Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! I will try this out on the weekend. It is adorable. And the negative space makes a lovely shape as well!

  5. This table runner is so cute!!! I'm going to work on this today. Thanks so much for the tutorial!


  6. This table runner is so cute!!! Thanks for the tutorial. I"m going to make it today.

  7. Hi Cathy! I finally got around to making one of these for my mom for Mother's day. We both love it and she's busy making some more blocks for a project of her own :) Thank you! Sherri | Thread Riding Hood