Thursday, November 3, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check-in Week 23

#92 Streak of Lightening

#108 Windmill
Here we go!  Week 23.  Once again I have 2 blocks completed for the week.  Totally keeping on track with several blocks completed as a reserve in case I get too busy.  I randomly search the blocks and I pick the ones to make that strike my fancy.  I am avoiding the blocks that have a million little triangles.  I have to ajust make a couple of those in the next while or I am going to be up a creek without a paddle at the end of this quilt along with only the most challenging blocks to make.  YOIKS!

Streak of lightening was fun to make and Windmill was a very simple block.  I wanted a bit more red and blue in the quilt so chose some vintage-looking prints from my scraps.  The Streak of Lightening is made with the scraps from the pillow back that I made last week. Wouldn't want any scraps to get all old and dusty from lingering too long!

I was totally tickled to hear that Daughter has unearthed her sewing machine and has asked me to send her a fabric care package so she can make some Christmas gifts.  I wonder if I have any fabric to spare??  Hmmm... obviously!

Have a lovely evening!!!!


  1. Thanks for passing me the Liebster Blog Award it was a surprise and very appreciated. Your link back appears in my blog today. Thanks again.❤