Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check in Week 25

Block #27 Darting Birds

Block #111 Wrench

I put these blocks together on the weekend and took advantage of the break in the weather Sunday morning to take some quick pictures outside.  I hoped that I would catch some of the chickadees flying to and away from the bird feeder in the background but they were just too fast for me.  I thought it would be funny since one of the blocks is called "Darting birds!"  I have to say the stack of wee blocks is getting substantial!!!

Super busy this week but I took the time to celebrate with so many children at school today.   Yep!  Snow was falling.  Ever so briefly, wet and slushy, but it qualified as snow.  You could hear the excitement up and down the hallways of the school as the children noticed what was happening outside their classroom windows.  It was fabulous.  And it is always like that when snow falls-especially the first snow of the year.  It is magic!

Happy first glimmer of snow day!

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  1. Love the blocks but love chickadees and snow better - I will have to live vicariously thru you this winter!