Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Dance!!!!

Yesterday, Santa Claus came early!  I have been dreaming of the Janome Memory Craft 7700 QCP since it was introduced last fall.  I have had the flyer leaning on the shelf in the sewing room.  Just sitting there teasing me with its wonderfulness.  I had a really nice sewing machine.  A Janome too, with lots of quilting features but I found I was maxing out its capabilities.  I really wanted a longer arm.  When I was quilting the yellow vintage sheet quilt, I really struggled.  Then I whined.  Nicely though.  I whined to both Husband and Mum.  They both seemed to agree with me.  This was a good thing.  The time was right and I pounced!  The local sewing machine shop had a sale.  This was looking good.  I did all my research.  Read every review.  Read the writing off the flyer.  Found out all the specs.  I even called the shop to verify the price and if they took trade ins. Saturday was sewing machine day!  By 10 am, she was mine!  Happy dance!  Even Husband was excited!  The sewing machine table even came with the machine as part of the sale!  I never dreamed of having the table.  Husband put it together really quickly and I had everything set up before you could say "quarter inch foot!"

She is just so pretty.  This is before Husband put the pressure foot knee lifter into the socket.  That goes in those nice little holes in the table.  The sewing machine table fit very nicely at the end of the long harvest table where I do all my cutting and mess making in the downstairs kitchen/sewing room.

I think I was in shock with delight!  This is one totally sweet machine!  Oh My Goodness!  That is all I can say.  It makes my old machine seem like a toy.  Yep.  I am a happy quilter!  I spent yesterday figuring it all out.  I played and made all sorts of free motion samples.  Today I made my Farmer's Wife blocks for the week.  Complete glee!  I am all set to play some more.

Husband is watching the Grey Cup game.  We managed to find a spot between rain and wind storms to put the outside Christmas lights up.  We didn't require an ambulance or a divorce lawyer!



  1. Oh happy day! Have you worked it all out yet? if you get this it means I was able to comment successfully - another happy day! how much extra space do you have for quilting in comparison to your other machine?

  2. Congrats on your new baby:) Once I get proficient in quilting, I will be asking for a new baby, too:) Have fun creating and playing!!!

  3. Oh my goodness!! SO exciting. I wish I had known about this sale but alas, I was finding amazing deals on boots down in Lynwood :) Happy quilting!!!!!

  4. That is one sweeeeet machine!
    Have fun with it.