Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check-in Week 24

Block #68 Postage Stamp

Here is the thing.  I did not quite follow the layout for this block.  I noticed that sometimes in the layout, like colours do touch, just not in the same place as mine.  Whatever.  It seems to be quite a random placement so it is not the end of the world.

I have noticed several bloggers are starting to make and use their own light boxes now that winter is near and light levels and weather inhibit outside photo taking.  I am really hoping that I can have my very own light box very soon.  I will have to put in a special request with Husband.

Block #26 Cut Glass Dish

Here is the thing.  I did not quite follow the same layout as in the book.  Do you notice a theme emerging?   This block has at least as many small triangles as Italy's debt in dollars.  Okay, well maybe not as many triangles, but a lot of triangles nonetheless.  I cut this block out while watching the Amazing Race on the TV and obviously my counting skills were impaired.  When I went to sew this together, I did not have enough triangles and I had used up just about all of these scraps.  Major trauma.  So I fudged it a bit and not all of the triangles are from the same two fabrics.  Can you find them?  It is pretty obvious to an expert.  I also had to sew two itty bitty pieces of the brown together to make one triangle.  Now that was small stuff.  Husband says I am insane.  Hardly!

Have a lovely Wednesday!!!

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  1. I've taken "liberties" with some of my blocks too. Mostly because I was running out of scraps of a fabric.
    Your blocks look great!