Monday, December 10, 2012

A little crafty star

I run a girl's craft club once a week at lunch at school.  It is pretty popular.  I have about 30 girls who show up each week.  I have a bunch of craft supplies everywhere and the girls go for it.  Many of them have learned how to knit on those big spool knitting looms and are busy cranking out hats.  They are very proud to wear them around school.  I like to have a new thing to show them each week and they can decide to make it or do whatever with buttons or beads.

Today they could make a star ornament.  I found this idea on Pinterest but I cannot find it to link it here!  Eeek!  Basically I traced a star cookie cutter.  Then cut out a bunch of felt stars.  The stars are sandwiched around a bit of stuffing then stitched.  Armed with a small amount of fibrefill stuffing, a slip of ribbon, a bit of perle cotton, and a needle along with a button, they were good to go.  Many of them had never threaded a needle, taken a stitch or sewed on a button.  Life lessons!!!

They were busy, busy, busy all through the lunch hour.  I should have taken a picture of some of their stars.  Too funny!  A little lumpy, a little wonky but made with much enthusiasm and with great plans to make more next week!


  1. What a great project for them to start on. They are lucky to have you each week.

  2. I keep wanting to do a club like this at my girls school but where I do sub work I never know where I will be from day to day. Maybe I should just book every Wednesday as a non-work day. Love this idea!