Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday...and just three

I finished all the blocks I needed for the Another Star quilt.  I now have to trim them up and decide on a sashing and layout and all those fun things.  It seems as though I have been working on this forever.

Then I started this one and this is a biggie but I am not going to say anything more about it.  This is also a pattern from Fresh Lemons but it looks a little different because I haven't sashed the blocks yet.  I have a thing about blocks set on point lately.  Love that!

My giant design wall is up and in place so I can start throwing all these blocks up on to the wall instead of the floor!  I feel like a real grown up quilter with such a big design wall!!!!

My Proverbial Sunshine quilt is waiting patiently for its back.

I also am stewing about a Travel Swap that I signed up for where the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild members are swapping a travel related item with a Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild member.  I have an idea but that is it.

I also have a secret project on the go which is just so darned exciting that I can hardly stand it!!!!

So how did I do with my just three goals... I almost hate to look.  I have made a lot of stuff but I don't think I stuck to my list!

1.  Finish the Another Star quilt.    Well.  the blocks are done.
2.  Finish the Proverbial Sunshine quilt.  Well.  Nope.  
3.  Make a few pillows.  Maybe some Christmas ones?  Well.  YEP!!!!!

One of three.  Not bad!

Okay so for this month...

1.  Finish the new quilt
2.  Finish the another star quilt
3.  Make my swap item.  


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  1. Love the star! I'm making an Another Star as well. Mine has been cut out for months. When my Pfaff goes in for service after I get this quilt quilted I'm going to piece it all together on my backup machine!

  2. Really like the star block. Nice colours.

  3. I like your Garden Tellis Quilt.I like your idea of putting one red strip in some of the blocks.I also like the look of them all together rather than sashing in the quilt.

  4. Beautiful Cathy, I like both of those pretty! Are you going to back your Proverbial quilt with a vintage sheet?

  5. Definitely doable! I had to pass on the swap - too many things going on right now!! I love that garden trellis quilt!

  6. I clicked over from the link on Freshly Pieced (I like to start at the back and work my way toward #1) and had the best time looking at all your quilts on your blog. I say, don't be in a rush, for whatever you are making is terrific (and I'm an English professor and all the spelling looked great on the Sunshine quilt). Actually, I loved the Sunshine quilt, and think it will be a treasure forever.

    Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced today and posting your WIP link.
    Elizabeth E.

  7. Looking great. I like the second quilt. Good luck on your goals.

  8. Your stars look so crisp! They are going to be a breeze putting together! I went back to look at your Sunshine it! How are you going to quilt it? I always like to know how people finish their quilts!

  9. Beautiful star block! Pretty colors.

  10. ooo I love that garden trellis quilt! Beautiful!

  11. Wonderful colour in the stars which are very different and I do like those on point blocks in your 'biggie'!

  12. I love blocks on point too - they just seem more lively somehow! I'll be staying tuned to see the finished projects!

  13. Lovely projects. Perhaps you don't work from your list, but you are sewing, so it's all good!

  14. Love your star! Fabulous colours. Can't wait to see the star and trellis quilts made up. Thanks for sharing.