Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Thursday...

I have a wonderful job.  And sometimes when I come back to land at my desk, I find funny little notes left for me.  This was today's note.  I think I like it and I hope you do too.

On another thought, the family starts arriving tomorrow for  Christmas.  It will be so good to sleep in, laugh a lot.  Collect all the things that daughter will leave all over the house and place in a box.  Have a laugh at all her stories.  Meet son and his lovely girlfriend's two new kittens.  Sew with Mum.  Watch the kids with their special someones altogether. Nice.  I am really looking forward to two weeks of rest and recuperation!

Starting to get the Christmas stockings organized.  This is mine from childhood.  Mum made it for me so many years ago.  I think the trims were vintage when she made it and now they are really vintage!

Hope your days are filled with Christmas plans and unicorn blessings!  Linking up with Random Thursday over at Cindy's.


  1. Best. Note. Ever! Seriously, just awesome.

  2. Such a great note! I am so glad that you are going to have everyone there, sounds like a fantastic Christmas...Have fun!

  3. Well that had to brighten your day! Such a fun note. And your stocking is so cool! I hope your Christmas break is filled with unicorn magic, too.

  4. Your stocking is gorgeous! And that is a very lucky note - I would hang on to it :) Happy Holidays!