Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Squishy quilt mail!

I had a few surprises when I got home today!  Some squishy packages of quilty goodness.  Carol at Sew Sisters sent me a lovely package to say thanks for being one of the host bloggers during Blogathon Canada!  Sweet!  Including a t-shirt!!!!  My first ever quilting related t-shirt!  Thank you, Sew Sisters!

I also got a wee package of bits and bobs of the zippy pouch hardware variety.  I ordered this stuff on Etsy from Tantalizing Stitches after not being able to find stuff in shops without it costing ridiculous amounts of money.  The prices were just great at this Etsy shop and it did not take too long to arrive at my doorstep in the wilds of Canada!


  1. Oooh noice! I need some of those types of supplies so thanks for the tip! Dressew has a lot of stuff but nothing in the way of those larger clips in something other than brass.

  2. I love receiving super squishy packages in the mail =) It's a nice way to end a day. Very nice!