Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Liberty and Linen

My kids treated me to some Liberty from Purl Soho for my birthday.  Our daughter wanted me to come up with something quilty that I would feel far too guilty to buy myself.  No brainer.  How about some Liberty?  So I picked out this rainbow bundle of 20 fat 1/8ths.  Fabulous!  Then our son had me pick out some more.  Why not?  I picked out a fat quarter bundle and a scrap pack.  I feel very spoiled.  Very spoiled.

Mum was off to Europe recently and brought me back some linen from Estonia.  Have a look!

Other than that I have finished all the blocks for this one but I haven't taken a picture because my sewing room is in the middle of being painted!  EEEK!

Busy at work starting up the school year in full force.  It is a good busy though.  Really good busy!


  1. I may have fondled your Liberty fat 1/8ths last week while I was visiting NYC. I felt the guilt, and spent money at City Quilter instead. Maybe next visit.... and Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lucky mama you are to have such sweetie pie children!

  3. I think it's a sign of great children----when they buy you fabric : )