Sunday, August 26, 2012

I am working on...

I played with scraps today.  Green ones to be exact.  I made a slab.  I think that is what this is called.  It was actually a lot of fun but it took a fair chunk of time.  It was sort of like puzzle building.  I tried to cut as little as possible so it took a bit to find pieces that fit together well.  The whole idea was to get a piece of patchwork that measured 12" by 29" so I could cover this composition book and make a fabric covered journal.  I used Rachel's tutorial from the other day.  I did make a few booboos as this was going together and I did need to line it because the black and white print on the book showed through the fabric but I think it looks awesome!!!!  And I used a bunch of my green scraps which are threatening to take over my life.

 I ordered the composition books from Staples.  They are on sale right now.  $1.99 each for those of us in Canada.  They arrived the next day.  That made me happy!

And here it is all finished. 

Then I got smarter and made a second one.  Less piecing more big chunks of fabric.  I really like this one!!!

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  1. Super cute! I am forcing myself to finish up a couple of things before making a couple of the journal covers too...

  2. Just darling!!!!Thanks for sharing!

  3. we love composition notebooks too - my daughter and I bought a handful this year!

  4. Love the lime green cover. I am a big fan of lime green. I am planning a trip to Staples today for school supplies, I will have to keep my eye out for them.

  5. Those are cute! I made one last December after seeing Rachel make up a bunch last year. I should make another now that it's back to school season!

  6. Love the green even though its more work ;)