Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunflower day

We measured them this morning.  10 and a half feet tall and still growing!  So crazy.  The squirrels and the birds are doing a happy dance in the woods.  They just can't wait.  

Lots of sewing done yesterday and quilt guild tonight.  Mum is coming for a visit so she gets to go to the quilt guild with me tonight.  It is a good day.  A sunflower kind of a day and that is a good thing.  

I am off to sew the baby boy quilt blocks together.  Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. Such cheerful sunflowers! They look just like summer.

  2. Beautiful photos of your sunflowers...very happy!

  3. Great photos! I love your sunflowers, they are really huge.

  4. Serious sunflower envy - as well as all the fruit and personal tracing assistance! Love sum flowers but can't grow them here as they will attract the solar pool and wood frame-work eating cockatoos! Love them - bet the critters will too!