Sunday, August 5, 2012

What's on the Design Wall?

I started a baby boy quilt.  Since I made a baby girl quilt last week, it was only fair that I made a boy quilt this week.  I picked up a great scrap bag the other day filled with samples of this Michael Miller fabric, The British Are Coming.  Seriously cute little mopeds.  I also had a bunch of samples of Sweetwater's Reunion line.  It just works together.  I added a bit of this and a bit of that and I am using this tutorial from Faith at Fresh Lemons.

Other than the fact that it is over 34 degrees and we picked endless blueberries again today, we are having a lovely weekend!  Hope you are too!  Linking up with Judy's Design Wall Monday.


  1. I like where you're going with this. Great fabric, superb

  2. Just catching up love your boy quilt such a wonderful idea.
    I love your thrifting finds that bowl I lovely.

  3. Great quilt! I wish I could find such cute finds in a bargain bag. I saw that fabric in the store and saw the price tag! Lucky you!

  4. Such fun fabric! I do so love it!

  5. this is so cute! I love those scooters! And what is on the blueberry menu - jam or pies - either way I am on my way over!