Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday...

So there.

Works in progress report for August 8.   Before you know it, I will be back at work and the blueberries have been taking a ton of time but I still managed to make some progress over the last week.

1)  I started my Proverbial quilt which is part of the Proverbial quilt along with Krista at Poppyprint. 
silly picture of me with the pattern!!!!
This just the very beginning obviously but I am working on the refrain of "You are my sunshine..."  The word "are" has not been joined or trimmed so is there in all its wonky glory.  This is going to be a long term, take your time project and I am quite excited about it!
2)  I have been working on a wee swap item and actually have finished it but cannot show it quite yet.  Cute!
3)  Working on a tutorial for the "Let's Get Acquainted" blog hop hosted by Beth at Plum and June which stops right here next Thursday!

4)  Finished my baby girl quilt.  Yay!!!!  I love it!  Lovely Stars and Ice Cream!

5)  Working on a baby boy quilt.  I love making baby quilts.  It is my new favourite thing.

That's it!  Linking up with Work In Progress Wednesday and I am off to bag a bunch of blueberries for the freezer.  It will be a sewing day today and the berries will have to wait because I am happy to say it is raining lightly!!!  Who would have thought that I would have been happy about rain!!!!


  1. Cute pic of you with the pattern-we do get excited about it don't we lol!

    Your baby quilt is stinking adorable and the boy one is super great! What line are the scooters? Reunion?

  2. Cute picture of you Cathy! I have a habit of saying "Greetings" when someone says hello to me...I've been pondering making that word into a wallhanging for my sewing room....looks fun!