Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Way too much fun...

I made a few sets of doll bedding.  Way too much fun.  I get an extreme kick out of making the pillow cases.  What is that?  Doll quilts are an awesome way to use up some scrappy bits.  With these little quilts, I just used a layer of flannelette sheeting rather than batting.  It makes the quilt a little more doll friendly but I have to say that it makes it more of a challenge to quilt when there is not as much substance.

These little finish at about 25" square.  Cute!

I had an awesome day yesterday with a drive into Vancouver with a friend.  We had a great time at Granville Island and even managed to stop at the Spool of Thread!  Awesome!!!!  Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. So cute! Love doll bedding. I was thinking of trying out a ticker tape quilt and making it doll sized. We'll see.....

  2. Pretty flowers and very cute doll quilts but who are they for? Just being nosey