Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just Three and some randomness...

To start with... I should have done this post in conjunction with Fresh Sewing Day but better now than never!  I accomplished all my July Just Three goals.  

1) Finished my cross string blocks quilt.   Yep, I did.
2)  Finished my Stash Mini.  Totally and it is on the wall by my stash.
3)  Started, finished and gifted Gemstones!  

So what up for this month?????

My Just Three Goals are...
1)  Finish the Wonky Stars Sorbet baby quilt.  Since this is now on the floor, sandwiched and awaiting quilting, this will be an easy finish.

2)  I want to get a start on the Proverbial quilt which is a quilt along with Krista from Poppyprint!  I have the pattern and have fabric pulled.  I have my quote and am ready to roll.  This is meant to be a slow-ish project so I plan on poking away at this one.  I am most excited about it!

3)  I have to make a swap item for the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap.  Just a little something-something.  That will be fun!

So those are my Just Three goals.  Easy Peasy.

Here comes the randomness...

My fabulous local quilt shop is closing and I am just so unhappy about this.  There just is not another like it close by and I am filled with sadness.  It is just so sad to see the shelves becoming bare and even though I have been happily stocking up on fabric at clearance prices, it will be a real loss.  I know that many quilters in the guild and locally all share my sadness.  Of course, I wish Teresa and Rachel all the best and the shop will be greatly missed.  

I guess I started with the random sadness so will move to random happiness.  I received this lovely mug rug in the mail from Julianne!  It is just so pretty!  Thank you!!!!!  Nice beachy colours.  Julianne is making a cross string block quilt like the one I finished this past month.  

And one more random thought.  How big are baby quilts supposed to be?  There seems to be a whole lot of random there.  Just saying.

So there you have it Just Three and randomness.  Linking up with Tracey for Just Three!  and linking up with Cindy for Random Thursday too!!!

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  1. I'm doing the Proverbial Quilt too!! I have had the pattern forever. No fabrics pulled though. I'm having a little trouble narrowing it down, although I have my quote all ready to go. Thank you SO MUCH for linking up to Really Random Thursday!!!

  2. looking forward to seeing what is coming this month. The proverbial quilt sounds interesting. And so sorry to hear that yous quilt shop is closing. My local is closing too and there is just no replacement!

  3. i want to know how big a baby quilt is too!! I just make mine the size that seem like it would fit in a crib.

  4. Lots going on here and nicely done on accomplishing your Just Three! I heard about QE closing - it is indeed sad. gorgeous store!

    I am watching the Proverbial quilt along from afar - enjoy!