Monday, April 29, 2013

I didn't plan this one but now it is a finish!

Daughter left a really long voice mail message the other day.  Among other things she said she was completely out of Dad's homemade Rainforest crackers and it would sure be nice to have some arrive in the mail.  Then she dropped  a giant hint that she could really use a second apron.  She is an apron girl and wears an apron whenever she cooks or bakes.  I have to say that it is a good thing she wears an apron because she is very enthusiastic in the kitchen and stuff tends to fly around.  She thought a second apron would be a great idea for when one is in the laundry.  Now I knew that my mum made Emily her go to apron and I knew that Em likes that style.  Reversible and with pockets came the full request.  Oh boy.

I called Mum and asked for the measurements of the apron she copied to make the first apron.  Mum made the first apron as a copy of an apron she got when she was only 10 years old.  We are talking a serious antique apron because Mum is having a birthday today!!!!!  Happy birthday, Mum!

Anyway, here it is.  Full apron, petite size, with pockets, reversible.  Very cheerful.  And the package is in the mail.  Crackers too.  It was so windy yesterday when I took these pictures that I had to pin the apron to the barn wall!  I should write this up as a tutorial.  Note to self.

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  1. what a darling apon! I am an apron person too.
    I wear one every night while cooking dinner.

  2. I'm not an apron person but love making them and this one is just to cute. I like how you did the pockets and I'll keep an eye out for that tutorial. I've copied the Rainforest recipe and intend to make it this coming weekend, sounds like the perfect thing to snack on.

  3. What a cute apron, lucky daughter!

  4. Super cute! I am sure she will love it!!!

  5. I love the apron! I wear one often. Daily during canning season!