Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Thursday... Duck on a wire

We live in the country.  Our small farm is backed by some wetland and we have a nice pond on our farm as well.  We see a lot of wildlife.  We have a lot of bird action on a daily basis and we have, among other things, wood ducks.  Now wood ducks are a funny kind of a duck.  They look like ducks.  And yes, they quack like ducks but they have a few quirks.  Like... have you ever seen a duck perching on a wire????  I took this picture because I was convinced my husband would never believe me.  I noticed it while I was drinking my morning coffee, just minding my own business.

Those silly ducks kept landing on the wires all morning.  They are not very graceful and struggle with balancing.  We were really worried that one of them would fall down the chimney again.  Yep.  Almost two years ago to the day.  Something about those wood ducks. Apparently they have sharp claws which allow them to perch on branches and so on.  Who knew?

Here is another shot.  Can you see the two of them?  Mr. and Mrs.   One of them is up near the top of the pole.

Here is another bird on a wire picture.  It's a trend.  Linking up with Cindy for Random Thursday.


  1. LOVE it!! Reminds me of the duck (or was it a goose?) in the movie Babe :)

  2. A duck in your chimney sounds like a whole lot of mess! My friend has just had to have a jackdaw's nest removed from hers and that was messy enough!

  3. Great pictures! LOL!!!
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  4. Well...I am speechless! I never heard of a duck perching!

  5. If I didn't see the picture I wouldn't have believed it.

  6. I have never seen a duck on a wire, and would not have believed you if there weren't pictures! Well, I'll be darned, ducks on a wire!
    Thank you for this happy thought, for some reason it just makes me smile.