Friday, June 7, 2013

Bee Blocks... June

Deb at A Quilter's Table asked for Modern Maple blocks in leaf colours for the June in That Stash Bee.  So that is what I made.  I am looking forward to seeing this one come together.  I really waffled about which fabric to use and finally I told myself to just do it!  Hopefully this works for you, Deb!

In other quilting news, I had to miss this month's meeting of the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild because of work stuff.  Grrr.  Darn.  But tomorrow we are having a sew in so that goes along way in making up for it.  Sewing has been on the back burner lately because I have been SO BUSY!  I described it as BAD BUSY the other day.  Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures of what people are doing!!!!!  I plan on making the June block for the Lucky Stars BOM and some other stuff that has been simmering.

A quilt I made was presented yesterday though.  That was good.  I made it for our school secretary's retirement as a gift from the staff.  She liked it.

Linking up with Amanda Jean for Finish it Friday because this is my only finish!  Eeek!


  1. I'm sure she loved it. She probably cried! Your design wall in the previous post looks fabulous.

  2. I really like your fabric choices, I'd be pleased

  3. Great blocks, Cathy! I very nearly used that orange print in one of mine. Hopefully soon you can become GOOD busy!

  4. The end of the school year is definitely BAD BUSY! I'm so impressed that you could finish a quilt for someone! Where I teach, we quilters look forward to what we will be able to do after school gets out! Happy Summer!

  5. I love these leaf blocks! Where did you get the pattern?