Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random Thursday... Last day of school!

The grandcats are visiting.  They are city kitties so are quite enraptured with the birds everywhere.  They make an odd clicking noise when they see a bird which is a lot of the time.  Tom and Giselle.  Brother and sister.  No grandkids yet just grandcats.

And do we ever have broccoli???  Oh man, that is one thing that does not mind all the rain!  So the garden is producing.  Broccoli and snap peas in abundance.

Busy day today.  Last day of school for the students.  Awards assembly.  Desk cleaning.  Saying good byes.

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  1. You grew that broccoli? Wow, I am impressed! We've never been successful. But I guess this cool springs has been good for plants like that.

  2. Broccoli! Awesome! Can't wait to have a garden next year :)

  3. Enjoy the last day. Hope you get a full summer! Happy quilting and broccoli dipping!!

  4. The broccoli looks fab!! If there's a veggie my nephew will eat cooked, it's broccoli. Yeah, he's a weird kid. :-)