Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some finishes... scrubs times 2

Despite all the mad end of school busy, I have managed to crank out 2 more scrub tops for our daughter.  She has a birthday coming up and she told me that she really, really would like some more scrub tops.  Then she told me how much she likes it when I make them and how all her co-workers think I should make scrubs for them.  It was a total butter Mum up fest so how could I refuse?  So, Emily, stop looking at this blog post or you will ruin your birthday.

I like to change up the design features with each top just a little bit.  The top one is a cotton poplin print from the fabric shop trimmed with Kona coal.  And then the next one is Moda's Simply Color in purple.

This is a New Look pattern #6817 and for the size I make, I can get away with a metre of the main fabric and then some for the trim.  I make my own bias trim out of the contrasting fabric.  As I have mentioned before, I totally super stitch the seams because nurses wash the scrubs a lot and they wear their clothes hard.  Basically there are seams that will get a lot of strain.  I did french seams everywhere so there are no raw edges.    Scrub tops times 2.

Total fun!  Linking up with Amanda Jean for Finish it Up Friday.


  1. Ok I can see why she would butter you up to make them... they are so pretty!

  2. I have heard how scrub tops are hard to make. These are so perfect that I see why everyone wants one.

  3. Those scrubs turned out really nice! I really like the coral and grey!

  4. very nice! love your fabric choices

  5. So pretty... I think I'd like one for "non-scrub" wear!