Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Thursday... unexpected mail

I love unexpected surprises and this was one of them.  A very squishy package arrived and this was inside!  Isn't it so darn cute?  It is a little ceramic wall plaque of quilts on the line!  It was sent to me from Eleanor, who had the idea to have guests to her wedding make quilt blocks.  I came up with the block and then put them altogether and presented the quilt to them at their wedding.  It was quite a great idea.  Anyway, Eleanor found this and thought of me and sent it in the mail!  Delightful!

Then there are these poppies which are just so spectacular.  They are in front of the barn.  Doesn't everyone have flower beds in front of their barn?  We do.  I know.  It is just a little unusual.

Okay.  Look really closely.  Can you see it?  We had a little visitor to the field the other day.  Actually 3 of them to be exact.  Over there, in the distance.  Yep, a wee deer.  The field is getting quite park like.  The fence will soon be shielded by a white rose hedge.  The white roses are blooming now but they are just sticks with cotton puffs of roses.  Next year they will be more significant.

Linking up with Cindy at Random Thursday.  Thanks Cindy!


  1. What a special gift! I love squishy mail, too.. and those poppies are so bright, you are right. Spectacular!

  2. I heard that deer love to eat roses. I thought it was weird.

  3. Your yard is lovely! Hope the deer don't like roses. Your little wall plaque is cute.

  4. I love your poppies! And no, I don't have flowers in front of my barn, but that's only because we have no barn... ;-)

  5. Surprises, gifts via snail mail are a few of my favorite things, the plaque is adorable. Your poppy photos are stunning, I now thing that poppies are my favorite flower, just beautiful.

  6. Thank you for sharing these beauties! Love the colour of the poppies!
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