Sunday, June 2, 2013

Road trip... thrifty finds

We went up to see Mum on the weekend.  Daughter and her special someone met us there.  We had a lot of fun and we took a little trip into town to visit Oliver's Kiwanis Market and then over to visit a new flea market.  The Kiwanis Market is a happening place crammed with donated stuff and used as a fundraiser for the club.  It only opens on Saturdays.  It is a must visit whenever I am in Oliver.  Then we went to the new flea market and I bought this wonderful canister, I think you might call it that?  Biscuit jar?  Doesn't matter what it is called, it came home home with me.  It is marked Japan in the base and it is in fabulous shape.  I love it! Husband sat on a husband bench.  He doesn't get flea markets.  He doesn't know what he is missing!  And it was fun being with Mum, daughter and her special someone.

I took these pictures this morning at Mum's.  That is a grape vine in the background.  Proof that we were in wine country.


  1. I would have bought that in a heartbeat! My dad used to love thrift shops. I come by it honestly

  2. Thank goodness for the husband benches!

  3. Nice container! Your husband can bake something yummy to fill it!

  4. Cookie greatness!
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  5. That is a pretty cool item whatever its use may be! I noticed you go a couple of spams on your comments -- that first comment is one I get at least once a week... I hate having to take the time to delete them, but the link is not something you want on your blog, and number 7 comment looks like fishing for links...

    Anyway, just trying to be helpful, and again, I would love to have that THING on a shelf in my kitchen...