Monday, June 10, 2013

Lucky Stars BOM... June

I made this block completely on my Featherweight at the Sew In on Saturday and here it is on the barn wall.  I kept the colour scheme going but this block is more subdued.  I did that because Elizabeth suggested a more muted colour palette in the directions but I am still on the fence a bit.  I think it works in the whole scheme of the rest of the blocks and I will post a picture of all the blocks together tomorrow.  I thought I had taken more of the bright green with me to the the Sew In. It is a bright green pin dot from Camille's Ruby line.  All I had with me was a little scrap and I used every last little bit of it for those little green bits in the block.  Silly me.  Oh well.  And this took me hours to make by the way.  I am not sure if I am a pokey paper piecer or if this is normal.  I even had most of the fabric pre-cut and it still took me forever!!!!!!  I have to say that I am glad I  only do one of these a month.  They are really pretty but..  Just saying!  Have a super day!


  1. I'm a really, really slow paper piecer too. I choose to believe everyone is slow, not just me (but I don't really know that for certain...) :D

  2. So pretty!!! I love those colours.

    And paper-piecing takes time. It's the nature of the beast. It's a great way to stay thrifty if you normally blaze through projects and fabric and lightning speed. lol. I tend to line up a bunch of paper-piecing projects to do at once so that I can be "efficient" with my time but it still takes forever. You are not alone!! :-)