Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Yesterday I quilted this St. Louis 16 Patch That Stash Bee quilt.  It will be donated to an at risk youth fundraiser when all done.  And it felt good to be at the sewing machine.  I have been busy with all sorts of things that aren't sewing.  Like crazy raspberries this year.  Oh my goodness.  The size of thumbs and endless quantities.

We have also been picking blueberries.  Typical July.  So many blueberries that husband says that is all he sees when he closes his eyes.  We were at the veggie store yesterday picking up some pickling cucumbers and we like to check the price of the little baskets of berries.  We looked at each other and declared, "We are RICH!"  In berries, at least!

And I spent several days last week with daughter and her special someone near Jasper, Alberta.  We did a lot of hiking.  The weather was not great but we had lots of fun.  I followed them up and down hills all over the place.  Puffing and trying to catch my breath.  I was even relatively brave at the top of the tram at the top of a mountain overlooking Jasper.  Relatively brave.


  1. All beautiful: your daughter, the scenery, the berries,( yum yum ) and the quilting

  2. Yum! It's a wonderful time of year with all the berries. I wish we could get some of those blackberries you're famous for......
    She is lovely

  3. Glad your having fun! I made peach jam this morning (18) jars! Know any way we can swap?