Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The adventure continued: Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Part 2

Did I mention all the quilts?  Oh my goodness... 1401 of them apparently.  It is hard to pick which ones to show but here is another sampling...  The trees above were in the teacher's tent but the name of the quilter escapes me.  It is stunning!

This glorious Kaffe Fassett quilt was part of the Dreaming in Colour Cover to Cover exhibit.  A group of quilters take a book and celebrate the book from Cover to Cover in quilts.  Pretty awesome.

This is another Elizabeth Hartman quilt...  Patchwork City... it is on the cover of her newest book.  Totally awesome!

 Oh my goodness even the little funny diner had quilts on it!

Darlene on the right and good old me, being silly at a diner. Thanks Barb, for taking this picture of us taking pictures.


  1. i have wanted to go to sisters for years. glad you had a good time

  2. great post, and just so ya know.... I plan to retire, move to Oregon and get a part time job at the Bear Lodge diner in Bend.... just saying!!

  3. Well Cathy, I think you and I will have to make a road trip sometime to visit Darlene. Love the great photos

  4. Great pictures. So enjoyed this post. Patchwork City is soooo lovely. Hope you have more pictures to share. Thanks

  5. Thanks for the pictures! I would love to visit Sisters one day and see the show.

  6. You guys are SO cute! Thanks for the great pics! Almost as good as being there. Almost ;)