Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Stash and some thrifty finds

I did manage to hit a fabric store on the weekend and there was a sale.  I picked up the Windham ginghams and the blue dots at 50% off.  Thank you.  I will take that.  And the Tula Pink from her Neptune line was 30% off so it came home with me.  The low volume fabric is a fat quarter of something but I needed it.  I am always trying to add to my low volume stash.  I tend to use it up as fast as I bring it home.

I met a bunch of my guild buddies for coffee on Friday and managed to find some fun stuff at a church garage sale and then I found the fridgie at a thrift store cheap!  The vintage tablecloth is HUGE and lovely and then the wee dress on the hanger is really a clothespin bag.  25 cents.  It is now filled with cloth pins.  Imagine taking the time to make such a cute thing!  I guess anything to make laundry more fun!  Have a happy rest of your day!


  1. That little fridgie is so cute and of course your fabric choices are lovely

  2. what great finds and beautiful fabric!

  3. Love that glass box! I have some of those too, brought back from thrift shopping in Florida all the way to Europe! That pin-dress is adorable!!!

  4. Fabulous fabric choice and cute finds!

  5. Oh, I see - so we collect the same colour of pyrex, eh? Figures. :-)