Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sisters Part 3: Did I mention the fabric?

Well... I did have the foresight to take an extra bag in the bottom of the fairly small suitcase I took for the fabric purchases.  I just had this feeling that I might need it.  The first fabric stop was at Portland's Fabric Depot. This is a HUGE warehouse type store that lives in what was most likely a former grocery store.  Did I mention it was huge?  Really big.  And then they had an outdoor clearance area.  I went there first.

I was pretty focused in my shopping there.  I had a list.  I wanted a few Kona solids... parchment and stone.  Little bit boring but they play well with linen, low volume fabrics and some Anna Maria Horner... cone flowers.  Not bad.  Only a few other things found their way into the buggy.  I found the pink stripes, and the seriously awesome airmail fabric and the Dear Stella white and black zig zag print in the clearance area.  Nice!

The next day we hit the Stitchin' Post in Sisters.  This store is beautiful.  Really, really lovely.  It is owned by Jean Wells...

And they had some Cotton and Steel.  Eep!  I bought some.  Oh yes I did!  Not all of what they had is on the shelf because some of my quilting peeps were carting around the bolts in their arms. 

But I also added a few more low volume options and some Echino glasses.  Cotton and Steel has great selvages, just saying.

We also hit B.J.'s quilt shop in Bend which was right across the street from a Jo-Ann's.  Yep.  B.J.'s has a cooler of iced bottled water at their front door.  So appreciated that but the store itself was super crowded with another bus group.  It was a bit frenetic.  I did however, find the chicken wire low volume fabric there and bought the rest of a bolt of Children at Play paper airplane fabric for baby quilt backs etc. And in case I ever need to make a paper hat or paper airplane, I can refer to the fabric.  You never know!

Then I ventured across the street to Jo-Ann's.  They had an awesome selection of DS Quilts by Denyse Schmidt and it was all on sale.  Oh happy day!  Darlene and I were in Denyse heaven.  Lot's of half yards except for the orange check because I took the rest of the bolt for a super good deal.  Happy day!

Our last fabric stop was at Bayside Quilting in Olympia.  By this time, I think I was shopped out.  Can that really happen?  Anyway, I found some quilting news text fabric and some nurse text fabric.  They asked to come home with me and I could not say no!

Look at all the low volume stuff playing together.  Love it!!!


  1. Love it all. Good thing you did bring a bag.

  2. I use those colour catchers with all my laundry. Usually bring home 5 or 6 boxes from AZ to live in my laundry room.

  3. I was smart and grabbed some of the prints you got. You are such a smart shopper and fabric enabler. Love it. Your colours play well together and I love that glasses fabric. LOL


  4. You made some lovely choices!!

    I'm becoming more and more a fan of low volume. I dont really have any, so that is where I should start focusing for my next purchases. I want to get some text prints as well.

  5. Oh it is so nice to see our journey through your blogging posts!! Thank you.