Friday, August 23, 2013

Be still my beating heart!

The other day, I noticed in the Simple and Sweet Scrappy Swap group on Flickr that Barb had made a pouch, to die for, and had a stack of what appeared to be Heather Ross charms ready to pop in the mail!  I had all my fingers and toes crossed, hoping that this amazing package might head my way.... and it did!!!!!!!!!!!  The pouch, is gorgeous with all that Heather Ross goodness and Denyse Schmidt's brown posy!

And then Barb dug through her stash and cut 5" charms of only Heather Ross fabric to send me.  Seriously amazingly generous!  I think even Husband was impressed.  He is quite fond of the fish in the bags.

Check it out... seriously amazing!  I cannot believe it.  I am having a fabric love episode.

Even the card has Heather Ross fabric!  Eep!  Squeal!  Thank you so much, Barb!!!  And if you click on Barb's name, she posted about the pouch just the other day!!!!  And I think I commented, and I quote, "OMG send it my way!"  Yep, I did.