Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brrrrrrrrrr... It's at least a 2 quilt day!

Okay, seriously people.  It is sooooo cold outside.  We do not often have weather like this on the west coast.  Currently sitting at about -10 degrees Celsius.  That is about 14 degrees F.  Yoiks!  And then with the incredible strong wind gusts from something called Arctic Outflow winds, it apparently feels like -24 degrees Celsius.  The wind is so strong and cold that it takes your breath away.  And the snow is blowing and drifting everywhere.  Good grief!  Totally a day for sitting under at least 2 quilts , but I was at work.  I should have taken a quilt because the school was so cold it might have helped.

Enough whining.  I have not sewn a thing today.  But I did take a picture of 3 of my Swoon blocks yesterday to see if they were playing nicely.  Please do not look too closely at the purple block.  I am not happy with the points and I must fix it still.  Just keeping it real, folks.  I think it is going to work out.  I was just a tiny bit afraid that the purple would be too much but when I threw the blocks on the lovely (not) carpet in the downstairs living room, I was quite happy.  I am still getting used to the massive size of these blocks.  24.5"  of swoon-a-vision!!!!

Hope you are not freezing your behinds off like we are.


  1. These look wonderful together! I wish we had snow here, it's still in the 80's :(

  2. Not freezing here - quite sticky and humid actually - yuck! You should have taken your I Spy quilt down off the wall for the day! But seriously if it that cold surely you need a quilt in your office! Love Swoon - just gorgeous!!!Feel free to send it my way!

  3. Not quite that cold here but still staying under freezing, teens in the morning hours--yes, I'm going to whine again that I wish we had your snow! The blocks are so pretty!

  4. yoiur quilt is beautiful. We have been very cold also in the -4F.
    this morning it is 5F but it is making ice for the fishermen.

  5. yup, freezing my butt off too. It's about -34C here. And has been for over a week.
    Love your Swoon blocks. I've only made one so far but I love it.

  6. Love the Swoon blocks! I feel your pain with the weather. Same temp here. :)