Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crazy for this button...

It is pretty small.  But it is just so wonderful.  It is my most favourite thing.  Well, I could probably make a long list of my favourite things about my Janome but this button makes me so happy.  It is the automatic thread cutter button and my previous Janome did not have one.  OH MY GOODNESS!  How have I lived without this button????  I no longer have enormous piles of thread cuttings on the floor to slip on.  I used to know when it was time to sweep up my thread-mess because I would start to slip on it.  I no longer have thread mess because of this button!  This button may very well be having an economic impact on thread companies because of the lack of thread wastage occurring at my sewing machine alone!!!

So there you have it.  Ode to a button.  It is a wonderful thing.  Happy Wednesday.