Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knock me over with a feather or something!

Today was a FABULOUS day!  It started out with the magical, amazing phrase "snow day!" sung happily by Husband as he woke me up this morning. Because of the amazing dump of snow and general nasty weather, along with the fact that our town is situated on a hillside, all the schools were shut down.  Yippee!  It only got better from there.  Not only was I to have a full extra day of quilty fun but when I blog hopped over to Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story I found my Wonky Scrappy Little Star Quilt  pictured among their favourites from last week.  Oh happy dance!  I think it makes me extra happy because I just love that quilt so much and I am just tickled that other people like it too!

I swooned today.  I have 3 blocks completed and another one ready to sew together.  I have spent some time with the old stitch ripper as I construct these, let me tell ya.  I thought block number 2 was going together so smoothly but I have now figured out that I should never cut up fabric when dealing with a migraine.  Ya, that was me on Sunday when I chopped up all the purple block stuff.  I should say, chopped it up badly because I had no end of issues sewing that sucker together.  I won't even show it today.  I will show you my red block.  It went together much better but I still put one corner in completely bonkers and had to rip it out.  Blah!

Hope your day was super awesome like mine!


  1. I love your block, great colors and nice points!

  2. Your block is stunning!
    We had a snow day here too! Tonight it's going down to -51C!!!
    What can you do but grab a cuddly quilt and snuggle!

    Keep warm,

  3. Aw yummy snow and gorgeous block - just lovely!

  4. Beautiful! So bright and colourful.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger