Saturday, January 7, 2012

Flea Market Finds...the first for 2012

I picked up these Royal Doulton Bunnykins dishes in 2 different shops over time.  But no grandchildren are the way.  This is just forward thinking for one day, far far away.

This pile of embroidery threads, a combination of silk and cotton and a mess of glorious colour was so cheap!!!!  They begged to come home with me and what was I to say?  

Let's not forget some vintage sheets. Mum found the brown one and the bundle tied with the ribbon came as a complete set.  The colours are kind of screaming the 70s but in a quilt they will work for sure.

The day is wet, gray and dismal.  Really quite mild for January but the rain makes it feel so damp and cold.  Thinking about daughter and her special someone jetting off to a sunny spot for a week.  So exciting!  Of course the mum in me will only be happy once they are back in one piece.  Have a lovely rest of your day!

  I will link up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds and Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday.


  1. I love the dishes. and great sheets.

  2. You found some great treasures!!


  3. Great finds again as usual - lucky daughter!

  4. Great colours in the sheets - good find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Oh you lucky thing! I really want to find some Bunnukins bowls like one you have in your pic. I had one as a child and want my kids to have one too. I did find two new ones but a different shape for $15 each at an outlet store. Might just have to bite the bullet and spend the money. Sherry :)