Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just another little zippy pouch...

So I made another zippy pouch.  I didn't use a pattern or a tutorial.  This is just me.  Here is what I have learned.  Zippers are nicer looking with tab ends.  So I did that.  I made this one a little bigger.  I stuffed some charm packs in the pouch to show the size.  I did not use batting or interfacing for this one as it was really a test pouch.  I used a chunk of vintage sheet and some thrift store cotton for lining.  I made the big mistake of using some really nice fabric to try an Amy Butler zippy pouch pattern the other day and it was a disaster so I did not want to waste anything really lovely on just another test.  I don't know why the Amy Butler pouch was so messed up.  I did manage to make her messenger bag for Daughter and that turned out very well.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I have the skills but my skills and her pattern did not get along-at least this time.  Oh well!

Now that I have the basic design of this pouch, I can go from there.  Jazz it up.  So there. Zippy pouch number two.   Have a super lovely day!


  1. Cute pouch - mastering zips was going to be my challenge for last year - didn't happen - maybe this year!

  2. Very cute little pouch - the zipper does look very nice with the tabs. ❤