Thursday, January 12, 2012

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along: Week 32

Week 33:  Blocks #53 and #90

#53 Jackknife

#90 Storm Signal
Some fun little blocks this week.  I went purple for one  The purple scraps surfaced when I was cutting up scraps for the wonky star quilt.  I did not have much in the way of purple showing up in the farmer's wife blocks and I find a shot of purple in a scrappy quilt adds a little pizazz!  Obviously the Storm Signal block had to be, you know, stormy looking.

And speaking of signals, I am interrupting this blog post for a little speech about NO REPLY BLOGGERS.  I really like people to leave comments.  It totally makes my day.  I always reply to people's comments because it is really wonderful to be acknowledged.  For instance, this morning, a really nice person left a really nice comment but I cannot reply to her because she is a "no reply blogger."  I know that I have mentioned this before but I am doing it again because, well, I just think that some people haven't figured it out and maybe are wondering why they don't win giveaways or why no one ever says anything to them about the comments they leave.

Here is what you can do.  If you really want to fix it.  Kaelin had a great post just recently. She directed people to Jodi's blog for the fix.   Please check to see if you are a no reply blogger because I don't want you to feel ignored!


  1. Hi Cathy,
    I have to tell you, you inspire me. Every time I check out your blog and see ANOTHER quilt finish I am so impressed. 23 quilts! I love the colours you choose. Your quilts are so bright and happy. I can't say I've really settled on any particular style/colours (after 17 years)- just depends who I'm making the quilt for. I've just sorted through my stash and re-folded/organized everything into tubs. Hopefully it will be easier to be inspired than digging through the stacks of mess I had!
    I have a few quilts planned for this year - my daughter graduates this June so I'll start hers soon, but I may be making a quilt for a friend who we're hoping doesn't have breast cancer in the meantime. Anyway, I'll keep reading your blog and try to fit a little of my own quilting in between marking! Who keeps giving these kids so much work?

  2. Reading your blog and seeing your beautiful finished quilt and quilt squares has put me on the search for a beautiful quilt to purchase. You do lovely work.♥