Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Work in progress...

I actually finished this quilt forever ago.  It sits all rolled up.  It is sandwiched and spray basted and is really lovely but I haven't quilted it yet.  I unrolled it a bit the other day and admired it.  But I still haven't started quilting it yet.  I put it aside last fall because I was working on Christmas presents but I also knew that it was really too big for my old Janome.  But now that I have my new Janome, I have no more excuses.  I don't even remember how big this quilt is but I am pretty sure it is queen sized.  It is a beautiful beast.  Super girly.  

I am also worried that once it is finished and I put it on the bed, that our geriatric kitty will do what she does on occasion and that will make me very cranky.  Let's just say that cat barf on such a beautiful quilt will make me more than just cranky.  I wonder if anyone has ever used cat barf potential as an excuse not to finish a quilt.  Obviously, and to quote one of my Kindergarten teachers, I need to, "Cowgirl up and get it done!"

Other than the beautiful beast, I have only the Farmer's Wife quilt to list as works in progress.  Not too shabby!  And I can list a finish this week too with my wonky scrappy little star quilt!

I will link up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday!


  1. Sigh! I feel your blog is destined to make me feel inferior, only two WIP's indeed!!! You just aren't trying hard enough lady! Love the monster quilt though

  2. I..LOVE..your wonky scrappy star quilt!! So colorful and cute.. and the girly beast is gorgeous. That is def. a unique reason to not finish a quilt. lol

  3. I also have many more than just two WIPs. That quilt is beautiful! How are you planning to quilt it?

  4. What a lovely quilt so sweet and fresh looking. I admire your quilting skills. I missed getting a creative gene.

  5. Your quilts are so pretty, I love the bright stars and the romantic prints in your girly quilt.