Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day!

Oh!  I did get some sewing done this past month!  June is always busy for me with school year wrap up but I did manage to crank out a few things despite it all!

1) I made a vintage sheet quilt for the medical room at school.  It is a welcome addition let me tell you!  No more scratchy nasty blankets for little sick kiddos.
2) Lots of cross string blocks.  In fact as of yesterday, I have 65 blocks completed and I think that is a quilt. I will throw them around on the floor today to see what it looks like.
3) The pillow as a gift for my secretary and she loves it!
4) Husband created my wall of fabric with a new built shelving.  I love it!  Of course much folding and visiting  with fabric followed!
5) Name tag.  Yep.  Supposed to look like a chalkboard.  No longer nameless at the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild meetings.
6)  Jane Market bags.  I made many of these this month.  They doubled as gift bags.  Fun!

I did not include yesterday's mop heads.  That would be boring.  Just like our weather.  Boring.  Steady and never ending misty rain.

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!  Linking up with Lily's Fresh Sewing Day!

Lily's Quilts


  1. Congratulations on all your finishes!

  2. You have produced such lovely things in the past month.

  3. I love vintage sheets! Your quilt is gorgeous! I just started one myself using only striped sheets. Fantastic storage wall!!!

  4. Lovely finishes. The vintage sheet quilt is so lovely, I bet the kids will love it. And your wall of fabric is awesome!

  5. Great finishes. I love your shelves. Great organization. I love the market bags. Where did you get the market bag pattern?