Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Just Three... and Work In Progress Wednesday

traceyjay quilts

Oh, Man.  How did I do in June?  Not too terribly bad but I was super busy.  Hmmm...

I set these three goals.

1)   Finish the cross string block scrappy quilt because it just looks so cool!           Nope, but it is officially a quilt top!
2)   Make something from my Zakka Style book but i have to order some linen.    Nope, because I have not ordered any linen yet.  Oops!  I was going to order some but the online store was out.  I will get some soon though!
3)  Fill up my new wall of shelves with all my fabric that will most likely be finished this weekend!!!!   Done!!!

I did all sorts of other things though!  Just look at my Fresh Sewing Day Mosaic!

So for July my three goals are...  and they just happen to be my current works in progress too!

1)  Finish the crossed string block scrappy quilt.  This is so doable!  

2)  Finish my "Stash Mini"
3)  Start a quilt... maybe even finish it for a friend.  I think I might do this!  Scrappy.  In vibrant colours.  Gem stones.  Nice!

Linking up with Tracy for Just Three and Work in Progress Wednesday too!  Tracy even has bribery this month!!!!

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