Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday in the sun!

Look what followed me home last week?  Eeek!  It is just so cute!  Heather Ross, of course!  Then I found some orange fabric.  I have very little orange fabric in the stash so needed to add to it.  Some Joel Dewberry did the trick along with an orange gingham that eludes me.  

So what is exciting today?  Well, I continued to work away on the Gemstones blocks.  I love the way they are shaping up.  I also signed up for my first ever SWAP!  Yippee!  The modern scrappy bits swap!  It has a timeline that works for me and it has scraps!  My favourite!!!!

I also noticed a fair amount of Facebook traffic on my blog today and noticed that Aurifil has both my Stash mini and my cross string quilts on their Facebook page!!!!  Big excitement!  

Off to quilt guild tonight!  Have a lovely evening!  


  1. Look at all that orange! Love it!

  2. not at all surprised that aurifil has cottoned on to you - you will be famous soon!