Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some Flea Market Treasures!

I had to pop into the post office yesterday.  I was only a block away from a thrift store so I took a peak.  Yippee!  I found a treasure!  Apparently this little daffodil is a posy holder.  It is quite small.  Rather like a large egg cup and in fact that is what Husband thought it was.  It isn't.  It is for posies.  I love it.  Carlton Ware from the 1930s.  And a steal at $4.50!!!!!

This morning I found another treasure.  A large Anchor and Hocking milk glass fruit bowl.  $1.50.  Woo hoo!  It is larger than a dinner plate and has a pattern of grapes and leaves.  This made me most happy.  Not as happy as my posie holder but very happy indeed!

I also bought Husband a present.  Apparently there are 700 pie recipes contained in this book.  Published in 1965.  I think they might have found a few more pie recipes if they tried a little harder.

So there you have it.  Linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds!  Have a lovely rest of your day!


  1. I am actually not convinced that you have time to hold down a job with all your thrifting and sewing and aurifil appearances!

  2. Love the Carlton Ware - great colours!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Oh, man, LOVE the daffodil. What a fun, unusual find. Congratulations!


  4. How sweet that the vase is in the shape of a daffodil. Love the milkglass.
    And the strawberry pie on the cover looks delish. x

  5. Lovely finds! milk glass is so lovely and that flower posy holder is so sweet.

  6. That little daffodil flower holder is fantastic!!